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Handmade with Love and Intention

Meet the Owner & Artist

Hey y'all, my name is Kait (she/her) and I am the owner and lead artist here at Rediscover Your Light.

    From quite a young age, I have experienced things such as ethereal connections and energetic encounters that have shaped my spiritual journey and strong connection to energy to this date. Growing up, I usually found myself outside connecting to nature by hiking, camping, and/or sourcing rocks and minerals to add to my ever-growing collection along with community service opportunities that were influenced by 10+ years of Girl Scouting. During college, I was introduced to the energetic healing properties that crystals and minerals had, and I began working on/experiencing my own understanding of these properties. 

    After graduating and achieving my Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in ceramics, I worked your typical 9-5 jobs until I found myself tired, drained, and unfulfilled. When reconnecting with myself, I realized that my direction needed to be changed. I started to focus on crystals, creating more art and finding a way to help people at the same time. Rediscover Your Light is more than just your typical brand or business; it's an open, inclusive safe space, where handmade fine jewelry is made with the best intention, love, and craftsmanship. Here, at Rediscover Your Light, I offer 1:1 custom order jewelry adornments along with pre-made jewelry pieces that are each carefully blessed and polished. Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries via email.

   Love, light & blessings,

        Kaitlin Crouthamel




This photograph was taken by Ignite Your Aura.

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