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These necklaces harness the energy of Fluorite. Fluorite is a powerful crystal when it comes to expelling negitivite energy and encourage positivity. It may also bring balance, harmony and joy to the wearers's life. Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to use when you feel spiritually disconnected, as it helps to clear negative emotions, and spiritual "smog". It can also help to add grounding and protection to the wearer. Green Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to help cleanse negativity from the wearer’s environment and balance one’s energies. It may help with one’s concentration, self-confidence & decision making. When wearing this crystal one may feel more positive energy. Purple Fluorite connects to the Third Eye Chakra.


These Necklaces are available in 100% .925 Sterling Silver. The set Fluorites were sourced and placed on an 18-inch dainty .9mm cable chain.



Each piece is one of a kind and handmade with love and intention. All jewelry is hand polished before shipment. *Colors may vary from photographs, computer/phone monitors and natural lighting. Pieces are represented as close as possible.*


Fluorite.925 Sterling Silver Necklaces

  • .925 Sterling Silver and either Green or Purple/Blue Fluorite.

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