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This 14/20k Yellow Gold-Filled Moon Necklace harnesses the Energy of Australian Opal. Opal has a lot of positive energetic influences. It is known to help with optimism, increasing one’s energy level, creativity and self worth. It is known as a protective crystal as it absorbs negative engery and sends it back to the sender. Opal connects with the Law of Attraction meaning, what you send out energetically you receive back.


This necklace is made with 100% 14/20k Yellow Gold-Filled Metal and, finishes at a length of 16 inches.   The Chain is very dainy at .9mm. Each Opal was hand set, and wire wrapped onto the chain.



Each piece is one of a kind and handmade with love and intention. All jewelry is hand polished before shipment. *Colors may vary from photographs, computer/phone monitors and natural lighting. Pieces are represented as close as possible.*


Australian Opal 14/20k Yellow Gold-Filled Moon Necklace

  • 14/20k Yellow Gold-Filled and Moonstone.

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